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We want to celebrate and support the exceptional people we already have in Staffordshire’s care sector, and the 'Valuing Careers in Care' site is the place to share best practise and find helpful information.  

'Valuing Careers in Care' is also our workforce strategy for the social care sector in Staffordshire. It’s how we will address the challenges faced everywhere in the UK; including growing demand and the need to recruit and retain staff. 

We will collaborate across the county to develop a more resilient care sector, where we recruit and retain the very best colleagues into the future. We want to keep dedicated employees while welcoming the next generation of adults’ and children’s social care experts. We want to work in person-centred and innovative ways. It’s all about working together to better support you. 

We are always looking for passionate and talented people to join us and share the opportunities for a fulfilling social care career in Staffordshire. If you are curious about working in care, find out more.

Find out more about our workforce strategy for Staffordshire.

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