Valuing social care in Staffordshire

Working together to celebrate and share

People working in social care in Staffordshire are caring, ambitious people. People who make a difference every day. People who are following their vocation. People who look after our nearest and dearest, and are a major backbone of our local economy.

We want to celebrate carers, share their successes and attract fantastic new employees. Many people working in health and social care have come through the pandemic with a new sense of purpose and unrivalled dedication to care for loved ones and make a difference. 

Social care providers from across the independent, public and private sector workforce have come together to do everything we can to promote the work our carers do and show how valued they are. We have a plan to support employees with their wellbeing and skills, recruit the next generation of social care experts, and help everyone to achieve excellence. You can read our strategy here.

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve surveyed our social care staff and they’ve shared what it’s like working in Staffordshire’s care sector. Read more about what makes Staffordshire different.

If you already work in social care, we would love to hear about the great work you and your team do every day. Share your great news with us.

Are you curious about working in care? Find out how you can make a difference.