Why working in care in Staffordshire is different


“I’ve been able to become more independent while living here… they really care for me here.”

Resident, Horninglow Bungalows, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs 


Client-centred care

In Staffordshire, the people who need to draw on social care support is at the centre of what we do. We work with the individuals to establish what they can do, their strengths, not just what they need our assistance with. We work across the county, bringing together with our partners and the voluntary and community sector to form support around a client, helping them to grow their personal circle of assistance. 

“There are always extra opportunities – they’re always asking if we want to go on different training sessions.” 

Support worker from Allan House in Blythe Bridge reflecting on their manager 

Skills for care

Social care is a major and growing economic sector in Staffordshire, with a workforce that aims to deliver good quality and effective care. We support people with a range of needs, from the youngest to the most elderly in our community.Working in care in Staffordshire means you can achieve your goals and aspire a long career in the sector. The training and skills on offer will help you grow in your profession, opening doors to new opportunities along the way. Social care is more diverse than you think!

“I love this job.  It’s not without its challenges, but I wouldn’t do anything else anywhere else."

- Care Assistant, Horninglow Bungalows, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs

Celebrating and sharing

We are always looking for new ways to celebrate staff and share their stories. Watch this video from Karen, a care worker in Horninglow Bungalows in Burton-upon-Trent:


  “To me, it doesn’t feel like a care home, it feels very homely. To put a smile on a residents face means a lot to me, and I know our residents are happy.”

Manager, Allan House in Blythe Bridge


Planning for the future

Social care providers from across the independent, public and private sector workforce have come together to do everything we can to promote the work our carers do and show how valued they are. We have a plan to support employees with their wellbeing and skills, recruit the next generation of social care experts, and help everyone to achieve excellence. You can read our strategy here.

Curious about working in care in Staffordshire? 

Did you know? There’s 67,000 jobs in the health and social care sector in Staffordshire. Even if you haven’t worked in care before, you’re likely to have a lot of employable skills which could be easily transferred to working in care. What’s it like working in care?

There are a wide variety of adult and children’s social care roles – you could choose to do anything from supporting someone in a care home with their day-to-day activities, to helping someone with a disability make a home their own. You could mentor children in care, or support families to do their very best for their children.

Through the support, understanding, teamwork and the wider support of the Staffordshire workforce partnership, you’ll have access to career development opportunities, support for your health and wellbeing and be able to take advantage of the very best innovations.

If you're looking for meaningful work, you’ll be making a real difference to people's lives everyday. 

Explore social care in Staffordshire and the roles available right now at Staffordshire Jobs and Careers.