The new Social Care Workforce Strategy – in a nutshell

We have a plan to support employees with their wellbeing and skills, recruit the next generation of social care experts, and help everyone to achieve excellence.

In a nutshell 'Valuing Careers in Care’ is the new Social Care Workforce Strategy for Staffordshire – a strategy that has been built on talking to social care staff and partners from across the independent, public and private sector. It aims for a more resilient care sector that enables more effective recruitment and retention in adults’ and children’s social care based on person-centred and innovative ways of working - for all social care workers, including those in regulated professions across all sectors.

Much of achieving that is about what organisations can do right now to support their staff, by working together across organisational boundaries.

Watch what leaders from across social care organisations says it means for them:

Bringing together the strategy started with talking to the current workforce about what they thought about working in social care, and what could help. 

What did the engagement show?

You can view an infographic below:

What’s happening now?

The full strategy (1.41 MB) has been developed alongside a summary document (171 KB), that highlights what partners will do together to make things better. There are short-term and long-term goals, around more resilience in the workforce, more effective recruitment, more effective retention and more innovative ways of working.

The key actions that we’ll concentrate over the next two years to make an immediate difference are: 

  • Improve the use of data and intelligence across all of the partnership to support the workforce

  • Develop an improved journey to work reduce travel costs where possible

  • Develop a whole partnership approach to learning and development for everyone

  • Promote all the resources, from recruitment to retention support, from across the partnership to each organisation

  • Improve positive recognition of social care as a valued career

  • Help colleagues to use digital and technology innovations

  • Promote best practice in recruitment and retention 

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