Supporting your staff with the menopause

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FACT:  Over 86% of the Staffordshire social care workforce

 identifies as female, with 27% being over 55 years of age. 

So even if you don't have many ladies of menopausal age in your team right now, you will do.

FACT: When women aren't supported at work, they're likely to reduce their hours or leave social care.

The Staffordshire Social Care Workforce Strategy is about supporting all of our colleagues to stay in their vocation for as long as they want to.   We can't afford to lose our most talented and experienced colleagues, so making small adjustments, often only needed on a temporary basis, can make a big difference.  This can be things like:

  • Ventilation e.g. providing fans
  • Access to cold drinking water
  • Time out – allowing someone to take 5 minutes to get some fresh air
  • Using quiet rooms as time out spaces
  • Flexible working – allowing individuals to start later (if sleep is an issue)


Menopause awareness in the workplace – Skills for Care webinar 

This webinar from Skills for Care features expert speakers covering how to create a positive menopause culture, supporting people of all gender identities through the menopause. It also includes an accompanying question and answer sheet to help you champion menopause awareness in your workplace. There are also sources of information for managers.

FOCUS ON YOU – Sam Walsh, Woodview Care Home and her ‘Menopause Café’

Sam Walsh is the activities co-ordinator at Woodview Care Home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, a beautiful extra care home in Bradwell. She’s a wave of energy and enthusiasm, and, as it turns out, bursting with great ideas around wellbeing.

“As an industry and in every work place to be honest, both women and men need to get talking about the menopause and recognising the impact it can have,“ Sam chimes, “and I’m so glad that we’re supporting our staff, residents and the community about it.”

Find outhow Sam Walsh started the menopause conversation at work that made all the difference to her staff

Other support that’s out there to help you with the menopause or support your staff

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